Introducing Keeping Track, a self-monitoring project

Welcome to my blog!

A few weeks ago, I challenged myself to do something I had been considering for a while: to start a self-monitoring project. Some people keep track of their weight, sleep, training sessions, calorie intake, etc. – I wanted to go beyond that. Every aspect of my life that I felt the need to work on would be monitored in order to motivate me and help me improve.

I had many reasons to do so and was aware of the benefits it could bring, but I wasn’t sure where to start. More importantly, I wasn’t sure I could take it: I was ready to give it a try, but could I really be bothered to keep track of every part of my life, on a daily basis?

The plan

Circumstances led me to define the following schedule. I would prepare for this challenge in July, give it a try over August, and stick with it for three whole months after that – assuming I was still on board with the idea. Then maybe, just maybe, I would find the benefits outweighed the bother and stick with it for good – at least until I no longer felt the need to do so.

I took my time, listing all the aspects of my life I wanted to monitor, thinking of categories that would encompass everything I wanted to take into account, and designing queries to make sense of all the data I was planning to gather. I thought it might dissuade me from this undertaking, but all the work I put into it before it even began ended up being a source of motivation.

Since my plan remains unchanged, it is now time to dive in – which is why I am now writing this article.

Why blog?

Keeping track of all those things makes no sense if one doesn’t take the time to analyse the resulting data – what is more, it is just a complete waste of time. So I decided to look at it weekly, monthly, and maybe quarterly to get a better understanding of my daily life, spot the good and the bad, and figure out how to improve what I needed to.

I could naturally do that on my own, but I felt the need to share this project, to open it. Maybe others would have valuable input that could help me move forward, or maybe my project could inspire them to start their own. I had been meaning to go back to blogging for a while, and a blog felt like a natural companion on this new journey, so here we are.

What to expect

Over the weeks to come, I will explain everything I can about this project, from what I am hoping to achieve to the system I use to gather data about myself and the benefits one can reap from self monitoring. Along the way, you will get to know me as you learn about my life, including my hopes, dreams, struggles, but more importantly, my efforts to remember, understand, and evolve. As language learning takes a considerable amount of my time, I should write about that as well.

In addition, I will be taking part in BlogHer’s month-long, weekday-only NaBloPoMo blogging challenge. The theme for August is KNOW and the questions revolve around knowledge – from learning and teaching to advice and beliefs, skills and expertise. It seems like a good way to introduce myself, both personally and professionally, and a welcome change from the many self-assessment posts to come.

Last words

If you’d like to know more about me before we embark on this journey together, take a look at my About page where I share a few facts about myself. If you’d rather know more about the project, watch out for less personal posts starting next week.

If you are thinking of following my journey, I would be grateful for a short introduction in the comments below. If you have also started or are considering starting a self-monitoring project, I would love to read about it as well! Even if you are just passing by and don’t have much time to share your thoughts, feel free to say hi anyway.

Again, welcome, and thank you for reading this first post. I look forward to sharing more with you!


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