Knowing is only half the battle…

…and curiosity killed the cat

This post is based on a NaBloPoMo prompt: Do you think knowledge is power?

Knowledge is almost power

I think it depends. It depends on what kind of knowledge we are talking about, but it also depends on what we do with it. To give the question a literal meaning, knowing how to produce electricity, where to find the right components, and how to get them should give us power, but this knowledge is useless if we don’t act on it. Sure, I know that going for a walk would be better for my health than sitting on my couch, but what good does it do if I decide to spend the afternoon watching TV anyway?

Whether or not to act on our knowledge is entirely up to us, even in the most desperate situations. Unfortunately, there are also situations in which knowing isn’t enough, either because we don’t have the right kind of knowledge to act or because there is absolutely nothing that can be done about an issue. Sometimes knowing makes us feel powerless and even wish we didn’t know.

Ignorance is bliss

There is actually power in not knowing about something. It makes us carefree. Just like knowledge can free us, it can burden us, like a friend who tells us a terrible secret that our relationship prevents us from disclosing. It can upset us, make us sad, like a partner telling us they cheated. It can even change our life, causing us to quit a job, file for divorce, or even attempt suicide. Sometimes, knowledge can have terrible consequences. Are we too curious for our own good?


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