Weekly report #003 – Don’t stop me now…

…I’m having such a good time practising languages!

This week in a nutshell: less TV, a very productive week on the language-learning front, new queries to analyse my diet, and not much else – but high hopes for next week. If only I put as much time and energy in marketing my business to potential clients as I do in learning German and Spanish!



Time of tracker activation: between 00:00 am and 04:02 am – 01:47 am on average
Time of tracker deactivation: between 10:05 am and 01:58 pm – 11:48 am on average
Time spent in bed: between 9h00 and 11h06 – 10h01 on average
Time spent sleeping: between 3h56 and 6h17 – 4h50 on average

On average, I went to bed earlier than last week but got up later and consequently “wasted” less time in bed. The first week’s results were better, but these are still better than last week’s. I still have made no effort to improving my sleep – I am just collecting data for the time being and didn’t feel the mental or physical need to go to bed earlier than I did.


Meals eaten: 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 7 dinners, 4 snacks.
Meals skipped: 3 lunches.

So I had junk food once with my partner once but cooked the rest of the time. My partner’s presence definitely affects my diet, and not in a good way: I tend to make unhealthier meals and serve larger portions, and the meals he prepares aren’t optimal either.

Fortunately, I finally have an easy way to analyse my food-related data using MS Access thanks to my partner who spent at least an hour taking care of the queries for me. I am infinitely grateful for his help as he saved me a lot of time and headache. I will keep working on new queries to get more out of my data, but I can already share more specific data about my diet this week.

Most eaten/drunk: orange juice (6), garlic (5), button mushrooms / white bread / ground beef / strawberry jam (4)
New ingredients: two sorts of cheese, multigrain bread, pâté, soy sauce
Most increased consumption: nothing worth noting
Most reduced consumption: milk (-5), white chocolate ice cream (-4)

Types of ingredients:
Most eaten/drunk: dairy products (14), sugary things (12), vegetables (11)
New types of ingredients: none
Most increased consumption: nothing worth noting
Most reduced consumption: vegetables (-7), condiments (-5), fruits (-4)

Favourite meal: pasta with mushrooms and soy sauce
Healthiest meal (?): ground beef with curry paste and beans with garlic and parmesan
Least favourite meal: pasta on its own
Unhealthiest meal: takeout (junk food)

Oh, well, I’m not surprised. I tend to drink a lot of milk and decided to reduce my consumption but craved cheese instead. And as my partner was here, we ate more pasta (with salmon, with mushrooms and soy sauce, with ground beef and curry paste) and less vegetables, nothing surprising here. Next week, I should make more informed choices and stay away from milk and cheese.


Total steps this week: 13,990
Average: 1,998.5 steps per day
Best day: Wednesday with 5,479 steps
Days I reached my 5,000-step goal: 1
Days I almost reached it (4,000+): 0
Days I wasn’t even close (1,000-): 3

Days I exercised: 1
Total time exercising: 3mn
Total squats: 0
Total push-ups: 0
Total crunches: 100

Yes, that’s really 3mn: I had just started when my partner texted me asking if I wanted to go for a drink. I didn’t really want to but hadn’t left home in several days. I was pretty useless this week.


Weight change: -1 kg
New weight loss goal: -23 kg

Mental and physical states

Mental state: 0 awesome, 2 happy, 1 OK, 0 sad
Positive factors: entertained (2), working (1)
Negative factors: none

Physical state: 0 awesome, 0 good, 3 OK, 0 bad
Positive factors: none
Negative factors: temperature (1)

The daily reminders to log my mental and physical states got really annoying, really fast. I clearly remember two times when I wasn’t my best. One time, I was really annoyed by something unimportant, and the other, I broke down after my mother called – she didn’t tell me a bad news, yell at me or anything, she just has that effect on me from time to time. Physically, I was fine – a bit warm but that’s it.


Social life

Total friends I interacted with in person: 0
Days I spent time with friends: 0
Total friends I interacted with on Skype: 3
Days I skyped with friends: 3

The only human being I spent time with was my partner. I really need to get back in touch with my friends or I am going to have a really hard time when he finally leaves for 4 months. Thankfully, I have a work event on Thursday evening and will get to meet a lot of people then.


Time spent watching series/films: 21.7 hours

Hopefully I reduced my TV consumption by about a third since last week. As usual, I mostly watched series, although there was one film – The Imitation Game. I am not under 2 hours a day yet but I am getting there. Next week, I will only watch the latest episodes of a few series I follow. If I watch anything else, it will either be a) in Spanish or German, or b) while I exercise.

Language learning

German: 7h36 spent
Speaking: 2h05 in 3 Skype calls
Listening: 38mn
Reading: 7,413 words
Writing: 459 words
Translating: 166 words
Vocabulary: –

This week, I started sending my German partners daily e-mails with links to articles or videos in French to encourage them to practise every day, and they started doing the same for me in German. Next week, I will speak with a new person in addition to my usual partners; it has been a long time since I last spoke with anyone other than the three of them!

Spanish: 7h43 spent
Speaking: 1h51 in 2 Skype calls
Listening: –
Reading: 2,016 words
Writing: 279 words
Translating: 350 words
Vocabulary: 30 words

Next week, I will have my first conversations with native speakers; in fact, I have found three partners and scheduled four calls with them just for next week! This is going to be exhausting and I am afraid that having Skype calls in German and Spanish on the same days is going to make things even more difficult, but I can’t wait!

Japanese, ASL: only vocabulary reviews.

I am really happy with my commitment this week – sure, I didn’t learn nor read as many Spanish words as last week, but my activities were varied, I read a lot in German and spoke both languages for about two hours. I dedicated over SEVEN more hours to language learning than last week – i.e. 15 hours and 19 minutes. I really look forward to beating that! But I really need to work on Spanish conjugations now.


Actual work

Come on, you know what I am going to write. I didn’t get any work order this week, but I worked on my website a bit and was actually quite pleased with what I had done. It’s the small victories that matter… Well, for now.

Marketing / Job hunt

I kept checking job ads every day even though I don’t expect much of them. Someone sent me an e-mail offering their company’s services to redesign my website – although it isn’t even online yet – so I replied and offered my own services in return. I know it is a long shot, but who knows? Next week, I will meet different people from various fields at some sort of coworking event and I intend to seize this opportunity to market my business.


2 thoughts on “Weekly report #003 – Don’t stop me now…

  1. I am impressed and humbled by your language-learning efforts!! I *think about* learning Spanish, but have yet to take action– and here you are, actively pursuing Spanish, German, Japanese and ASL. Wow! Go you!


    • Well, I don’t have kids, that helps :D Although I hope that when I do, I will still find time for languages. I would love to be able to pass on my passion for languages to my kid(s). Maybe one day your son will take Spanish in school and you will learn it together!


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