It’s the end of summer again…

…but I’m not going back to school ever again

This post is based on a NaBloPoMo prompt: Did you like returning to school at the end of summer, or did you always dread the start of the year?

In school

The way I remember it, I always looked forward to a new school year for the following reasons:

  1. I would get to see my friends again, most of whom I hadn’t see all summer.
  2. There would be some new friends, too – or at least I hoped there would.
  3. With some luck, new teachers would replace those I didn’t like or that didn’t like me.
  4. I would start a new subject that already interested me (e.g. initiation to technology).
  5. I would no longer have a subject that I hated (e.g. earth and life sciences).

However, there was always a risk of:

  1. Losing friends who didn’t attend the same school or weren’t in the same class.
  2. Making (new?) “enemies” in my class and spending the whole school year fighting with them.
  3. Ending up with teachers that I didn’t or wouldn’t like or that didn’t or wouldn’t like me.
  4. No longer having a subject that I liked (e.g. basic computer science).
  5. Starting a new subject that didn’t interest me or that I would hate (e.g. philosophy).

In college

In college, things were a bit different; at the start of a new year, I would worry about a million things:

  • Will I like all my classes?
  • Will I attend all my classes?
  • Will I do well on my exams?
  • Will I be/stay motivated?
  • Will I be/stay happy?
  • Will people like me?
  • Will I make friends?

Sometimes I miss college, but I am so glad these days are over!


2 thoughts on “It’s the end of summer again…

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  2. The only I can say I enjoy my life as a middle age woman then I did every at school. I know it sound sad but I grew to like my self.
    Found your site though NaBloPoMo Hope you find the time to stop in at my blog


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