Monthly report #01 – August in review…

…with hopes and goals for September

After reading my last weekly report, my partner insisted that I make a monthly report, so here it is! I won’t take much time to comment it as I feel like I have already written enough in the weekly reports and this was my first month gathering data. I look forward to comparing it to September’s report next month!



Time of tracker activation: between 11:04 pm and 5:53 am – 2:12 am on average
Time of tracker deactivation: between 7:28 am and 1:58 pm – 10:58 am on average
Time spent in bed: between 0h and 11h06 – 8h16 on average
Time spent sleeping: between 0h and 6h17 – 4h16 on average

I only went to bed once before midnight and the “0h” indicates that I had one sleepless night. This month, I will go to bed at 11 pm as often as I can and set my alarm at 7:30 am every weekday and 8:30 am on the weekend so that I can make the most of my days.


Meals eaten: 28 breakfasts, 24 lunches, 30 dinners, 22 snacks.
Meals skipped: 3 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 1 dinner.

Woaw, I guess I hadn’t realised how many lunches I had skipped! That’s one more thing I’ll have to be careful with. Information on ingredients, types of ingredients, and dishes will be added later as I need to use Access to sort out this data and don’t feel like doing it right now.


Total steps in August: 97,462
Average: 3,144 steps per day
Best day: August 5th with 9,658 steps
Days I reached my 5,000-step goal: 8
Days I almost reached it (4,000+): 4
Days I wasn’t even close (1,000-): 8
Days I exercised: 3
Total time exercising: 43mn
Total squats: 140
Total push-ups: 140
Total crunches: 300

This is all pretty pathetic but I expected even worse results. It is going to be very difficult to do worse this month!


Weight change: -1.9 kg New weight loss goal: -22.1 kg

Given how little efforts I made in August, this is a miracle, plain and simple. I expect to lose at least as much this month – but maybe I’m a little naive.

Mental and physical states

Mental state: 0 awesome, 17 happy, 4 OK, 0 sad
Positive factors: entertained (6), work / languages (3)
Negative factors: bad sleep (2), lonely (1)
Physical state: 0 awesome, 0 good, 20 OK, 1 bad
Positive factors: exercise (1)
Negative factors: bad sleep / high temperature (5)

Hopefully exercising more often will lead to more “good” physical states.


Social life

Total friends I interacted with in person: 18
Days I spent time with friends: 9
Total friends I interacted with on Skype: 7
Days I skyped with friends: 16

Now it makes sense why I don’t try to see my friends more often: my social needs are met by Skype calls with language-learning partners. Still, I will try to see them more often.


Total time spent watching series/films: 104.5 hours
Average time spent watching series/films: 3.37 hours a day
Total time spent browsing the web/blogging: 81 hours
Average time spent browsing the web/blogging: 2.6 hours a day

In August, I identified TV series as a major time eater and reduced my TV consumption significantly. This month, I would like the average to go from 3.37 to less than 2 hours a day, that would be a good start.

Language learning

German: 24h52 spent
Speaking: 9h54 in 13 Skype calls
Listening: 40mn
Reading: 17,472 words
Writing: 1,511 words
Translating: 2,028 words
Vocabulary: –
Spanish: 16h03 spent
Speaking: 5h50 in 7 Skype calls
Listening: 52.5mn
Reading: 6,186 words
Writing: 1,042 words
Translating: 350 words
Vocabulary: 469 words

Clearly, I don’t listen to enough material in either language, nor do I write enough. Vocabulary acquisition is on hold in German but important in Spanish. That was a great re-start for Spanish and hope to do better this month!

Vocabulary: 15 words
Only vocabulary reviews

These results are completely normal, but I feel a bit bad about neglecting these languages!


Actual work

Translation: 5,832 words in 5h17 / 4 sessions
Proofreading: 399 words in 1h / 1 session
Writing: none
Formatting: 76 pages in 1h57 / 1 session

In a month. Yep. Of course, blogging doesn’t qualify as writing, nor does the work I did on my professional website. I haven’t even proofread my translation work yet. How dare I call myself a translator? This month, I intend to finally finish my professional website and to practise translation and proofreading daily.

Marketing / Job hunt

Potential clients/employers e-mailed or called: 2
Potential clients/employers met in person: 0
Assignments/jobs considered: 5
Assignments/jobs applied for: 0

It certainly looks like I don’t even want to get work, but I do – I am “merely” crippled by fear. This is something I have been working on a bit in August, but it was much more comfortable to postpone my job and client search to study languages as “an investment for my professional future”. I can’t afford to do the same this month.

Goals for September


  • Sleep: go to bed at 11 pm and get up at 7:30 am on weekdays or 8:30 am on the weekend
  • Diet: stop skipping meals and stop snacking
  • Exercising: take 150,000 steps (5,000 a day) and exercise for 12 hours (24mn a day)


  • Social life: interact with friends on 16 days including 8 days in person
  • Entertainment: watch TV for less than 60 hours (2h a day)
  • Language learning: practice languages for 60 hours (2h a day)


  • Actual work: translate 50,000 words (1,666 a day)
  • Marketing: finish my professional website (12 pages to write and proofread twice)

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