Letting go – one piece of furniture at a time

a.k.a. Alone at last

Well, here we go again. My partner just left for little over three months, about five weeks behind schedule. Even with so much time to prepare myself, I still hated having to say goodbye… but found a way to deal with it by focusing my energy on a task at hand, hoping to make it feel like a fresh start – at least for a while.


I spent the better part of the afternoon rearranging the furniture in our living room, something I had meant to do for a little while. I had to empty a bookcase to move it across the room, did the same with my dresser, and moved my desk to a corner where I wasn’t sure it would fit. I now see the room from a new angle and it feels really weird.

In the process, I found some books I had forgotten about, sorted through a lot of papers and things I thought I had put away but – surprise! – hadn’t, and made some efforts to decorate the place a little. Now I want to buy curtains to hide the corner of the room where he normally plays and codes – I just can’t stand the sight of it right now.

Maybe tomorrow I will embrace this new start and focus entirely on my job. Or maybe I will get up at 3 pm and spend the afternoon – if not the whole weekend – watching TV. As of now, I have no way of telling which one it will be. But I still have a lot of work to do to decorate the flat and won’t have too much of three months to do so!


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