8 songs I’m currently obsessed with

a.k.a. Help! I’m caught in a loop

Promptless and tired, I thought I would let music speak for me this time by sharing eight songs that I have been listening to a lot lately. Well, there are technically nine, but two of them are the same one sung by different artists. I hope you enjoy them!

Adam Levine / Keira Knightley – Lost Stars

Beck – Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime

Maurissa Tancharoen – Remains

Pharrell Williams – Happy

Shakira – Underneath Your Clothes

Sia – Elastic Heart

Steven Dunston – Gravity

Taylor Swift – Blank Space

Featured image: Sia – SXSW 2008 by kris krüg on Flickr, resized and cropped by me.


4 thoughts on “8 songs I’m currently obsessed with

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  2. Visiting from NaBloPoMo. Keira can sing too? *sheesh* And the farther Taylor Swift gets away from her (country) roots, the more the thought of her irritates me, so I skipped that one. ;)


    • It’s always nice to have visitors :)

      I was never a Taylor Swift fan but I like everything about this song: her voice, the melody, the lyrics, the video… I’m sure she can act too – maybe even as well as Keira can sing!

      Can you recommend a few songs from her country roots?


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