Being in a relationship sucks…

…when you can’t be with the person you love

This post is based on a Writing101 prompt: open your post with a blockquote, and on a SW30 prompt: describe a moment or a day when being single/married really sucked.

“This is love, she thought, isn’t it? When you notice someone’s absence and hate that absence more than anything? More, even, than you love his presence?” ― Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated

Alienating absence

It hasn’t even been two weeks and I already miss him so much. But you already know that – it shows, even on this blog. I wrote a letter to him, I wrote about our relationship, just now I chose a quote that made me think of him. What is happening to me? The last thing I want is to be the girl who only talks about her boyfriend.

I’m not that kind of blogger; this isn’t that kind of blog. That’s what I tell myself, but who am I kidding? He’s on my mind and in my heart, so of course he has to be on my blog. It’s a little weird because I never thought I would write this stuff, but it makes sense, right? I wonder how he’ll feel about it. I hope he won’t mind; I don’t think he will.

Anyway, the quote perfectly sums up the way I feel. Some days I only feel love for him, while others I can only think of how much I hate his absence. Usually, I feel a mix of both, with more love than hate – I suppose I wouldn’t agree to this kind of life were I overcome with hate every time he left! It’s tricky, though; I never see the bad days coming.

Good riddance

Apart from this issue, I can’t think of any day when being with my current partner sucked… But I can think of a few times when being with someone else did. Let’s face it: I was never a great judge of character and made a lot of bad decisions when it came to relationships.

For instance, I used to get along much better with boys than girls and had a number of male friends, but my “last” ex was very jealous and I couldn’t visit them, meet with them, let alone text them without arousing his suspicion, and consequently lost several friends while we were together. Now I’m the jealous one!

Before that, I dated a few guys that lived in different cities and I was always the one who had to take the train – at best for 20 minutes, at most for over an hour and a half – to see them. I spent more time on trains that I could bear, and that was expensive. Maybe that’s why I ended up moving to my partner’s city and living with him early on!


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