Weekly report #008 – Getting busy

A bit too much for one week

I had a busy week with house guests and a conference, which didn’t leave me much time for blogging, language learning, and work stuff, and meant I didn’t have much control over my diet – which, as I announced last week, I will keep logging but stop analysing for a while. On the bright side, I was happier, walked quite a lot, slept and woke up earlier, watched less TV, and enjoyed what little time I was able to spend alone!



Time of tracker activation: between 11:11 pm and 4:11 am – 1:27 am on average
Time of tracker deactivation: between 7:07 am and 12:09 pm – 9:32 am on average
Time spent in bed: between 6h12 and 9h49 – 8h05 on average
Time spent sleeping: between 3h05 and 5h21 – 4h02 on average

This week can be divided into two parts: the three days my dad was here and the four days without him. While my dad was here, I went to bed very late (between 2:20 am and 4:11 am) because I felt like spending time with him (and visiting museums, etc.) kept me from my usual activities, so I needed to catch up at night on reading, writing, “the Internet”, etc., so I got up late as well (between 10:20 am and 12:09 pm).

After he left, though, I went to bed earlier, studied Spanish in bed, and activated my tracker between 11:23 pm and 1:19 am, and three times out of four before midnight, which is kind of a big deal for me. As a consequence and due to various circumstances, I was able (or had to) get up between 7:07 am and 9:38 am and feel like I got a lot done those days.

I was pretty tired throughout the day after getting up at 7:07 am (and actually waking up around 5:40 am or 6 am) but the worst day was clearly the one when I went to bed at 2:20 am and got up at 12:09 pm. So really, my plan to go to bed before midnight and getting up between 7:30 am and 8:30 am can happen; I just need to have very good reasons to get up early.


Total steps this week: 56,390
Average: 8,056 steps per day
Best day: Saturday with 14,663 steps
Days I reached my 5,000-step goal: 6
Days I almost reached it (4,000+): 0
Days I wasn’t even close (1,000-): 0
Days I exercised: 0

I’ve very happy with my step count this week! Apart from the best and worst day (1,894 steps), I was between 6,800 and 8,800 steps a day, which was awesome! Definitely my best week so far. On the worst day, I was alone, but every other day I had people to take a walk with and show around the city – i.e. reasons to walk as much as I did. Of course, when it comes to crunches, push ups, and squats, I didn’t do any.

As much as I would like to keep taking 8,000 steps a day, my “ultimate” goal (for now anyway) being to reach 10,000 steps a day, I expect my step count to sink as soon as next week. But next month, I will increase my 5,000-step daily goal by 1,000 steps regardless.


Weight change: +0.2 kg New weight loss goal: -22.3 kg

Numbers can be deceiving! This is an average of the seven weights I recorded last week, with two days over, three days equal to, and two days below the previous week average. I don’t think I gained weight compared to last week, on the contrary – I’m pretty sure I lost weight, so these numbers don’t worry me. It’s just a bit frustrating to yo-yo and feel like I can’t trust this average even though I’m convinced that it’s a good method to assess one’s weight.

Mental and physical states

Mental state: 0 awesome, 6 happy, 0 OK, 0 sad
Positive factors: happy thoughts (3), work (2)
Negative factors: none
Physical state: 0 awesome, 0 good, 6 OK, 0 bad
Positive factors: none
Negative factors: late hour (3)


Social life

Total friends I interacted with in person: 10
Days I spent time with friends: 6
Total friends I interacted with on Skype: 2
Days I skyped with friends: 1

This week, I hosted my father for 3-4 days, a couchsurfer for 2 days, and spent an afternoon with clients who arrived one day before I was to work for them – but they were so nice that they totally count as “friends”. I had to show each of them around town, which explains why I walked as much as I did. I also attended a conference where I interacted with many people but I only counted four that I already knew and will probably meet again.


Total time spent watching series/films: 7.7 hours
Average time spent watching series/films: 1.1 hours a day
Total time spent browsing the web/blogging: 19.87 hours
Average time spent browsing the web/blogging: 2.84 hours a day

The couchsurfer introduced me to Mr. Robot; I loved the first few episodes, but after that, there was one episode in which I felt nothing was happening and I lost interest. I will definitely watch the rest, but for now I want to watch other series. See how much TV I didn’t watch? I will meet my no-more-than-2-hours-a-day goal and can set a stricter goal next month – probably in episodes, e.g. no more than 2 episodes a day.

Language learning

German: 3h33 spent
Speaking: 50mn in 1 Skype call
Listening: 35mn
Reading: 3,322 words
Writing: 258 words
Translating: –
Vocabulary: –
Spanish: 2h25 spent
Speaking: –
Listening: 15mn
Reading: –
Writing: –
Translating: –
Vocabulary: –

It’s only slightly better than last week but I didn’t have time to study and had too much on my mind. One conversation with a German partner that I also speak Spanish with was conducted in French and English and we hadn’t scheduled another one for this week. In addition, I had to cancel a conversation in Spanish and French because my partner logged in an hour late and I was too tired to go through with it. However I started reviewing Spanish grammar and doing exercises.

Japanese: ASL:


Actual work

Translation: 4,329 words in 4h41 / 5 sessions

Formatting: ? pages in 20mn / 2 sessions

I kept translating for my portfolio, I know I won’t reach my 50,000-word goal this month but I still have a shot at reaching half that. Let’s make 25,000 words my new goal for this month, and I’ll try 50,000 words again next month! The texts I chose are rather easy but still challenging, on top of being interesting and well-written.

Marketing / Job hunt

Potential clients/employers e-mailed or called: 0
Potential clients/employers met in person: 0
Assignments/jobs considered: 2
Assignments/jobs applied for: 2

Should I count actual clients and jobs I was hired for? If so, I was hired for a 4-hour interpreting job, I was thrilled! This was my first time interpreting professionally (and possibly personally) and it went really well. I had met with the clients the day before so I was already comfortable around them, and it was all informal so I wasn’t stressed. I can’t emphasize enough how little stressed I was – it was amazing!

I always saw “interpreting” as an incredibly stressful job and one that definitely wasn’t for me as I felt I “wasn’t good with people”, but this job really changed my mind about that. I won’t ever interpret in a booth or whisper in a client’s ear as their business partners are talking, but there are lower-stakes, less demanding interpreting assignments I could do, enjoy, and be good at. Now I simply can’t wait to do it again!

Since I’m normally listing my “efforts” here, I also gave away a few business cards at the conference to people who might hire me at a later, possibly much later date. I also offered to do a short translation for free, with proper credit and the right to add it to my portfolio, but it will probably take some time before they take me up on my offer.


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