If we were having drinks…

…I would order a tequila sunrise

After a busy week, I thought I would update you on what happened since that time we had hot chocolate, except today I’m in the mood for a cocktail!

If we were having drinks, I might complain about how sweet mine is and explain that bartenders never seem to get this cocktail right. I like my tequila sunrise with just enough grenadine to notice it, and I feel ripped off when I can barely taste the alcohol. I mean, if I wanted orange juice with sugar, that’s what I’d ask for, right?

If we were having drinks, I would apologise for starting our conversation this way and ask about your life.

Versatile Blogger Award

If we were having drinks, I would proudly announce that the wonderful Annie at What the Woman Wrote nominated me for my first-ever award, along with six other bloggers, and tell you how good it feels to know that somebody likes my blog – especially somebody whose blog I like too. So I guess I’m supposed to list 7 random facts about myself and nominate 7 other bloggers I like.

So here are 7 random things about me:

  1. I never, ever want to buy a car. I will someday decide to (attempt to) get a driving licence so that I can rent a car when on holiday or in case of emergency, but I don’t want to ever own one if I can avoid it.
  2. I think Taylor Swift and Emily VanCamp are the same person. I started listening to Blank Space and Shake It Off in a loop around the same time I started watching Revenge so they somehow merged in my mind.
  3. There is a weird saying according to which women marry men that are like their dads and I am deeply scared that I might someday find out it was true. I love my dad but he made a really crappy husband.
  4. My cats are the cutest in the whole world. You may disagree with me and are welcome to challenge me but nothing you can say or do will change my mind. Your cats may join the club, though!
  5. I have an issue with “business people” who send me emails in lower case without any greeting or punctuation and make me feel like I don’t matter enough for them to follow proper email etiquette.
  6. I created a 101 Things in 1001 Days list at Day Zero 20 days ago and have marked 3 items as done: hosting a couchsurfer from my country, taking up an interpreting job, and attending a conference in my city.
  7. I used to spend a lot of time on online role-playing boards and created two myself, including one that I managed during six years. Then I switched to tabletop RPGs but I don’t like them as much.

And here are the 7 bloggers I nominate:

  1. Cheyanne at Tangerine Wallpaper
  2. Danika at The Longest Haul
  3. Karen at notakarentheworld
  4. Kristin at Peaches & Poppycock
  5. Lauren at girlfindsnewplacesandfaces
  6. Megan at Whistle While You Walk
  7. Rachel at Honeycomb + Pearls

Last week update

If we were having drinks, you would probably want to know how the week went, especially since I told you last time we spoke about all the things I looked forward to. Here is how they went:

  • My father and I visited the opera, two museums, a military ship, and took a boat tour of the bay. His visit was exhausting but beneficial to my step count!
  • As planned, I got a reply from my partner only two days after I wrote to him. Everything seems fine on his end. I wrote my reply right away but don’t know when he’ll get it.
  • My first experience with a couchsurfer went really well and I look forward to hosting other people – next time, maybe someone from Germany.
  • The conference was very interesting but the breakfast and lunch sessions felt awkward as I didn’t know how to approach other participants – hopefully I already knew some of them.
  • I got the interpreting job and loved it – the models were absolutely weird but I really enjoyed talking with the journalist and it was an interesting experience.
  • I had a nice time at the Corsican tasting, even though I was exhausted and had way too much charcuterie and cheese – it was no fun getting on my scales the next day!
  • I reached my 50,000-step goal ahead of schedule! I’m only halfway through my language-learning goal and at 25% of my translation goal but on track with my TV-watching goal.

If we were having drinks, I would be disappointed that I didn’t have time to post this week and tell you that I intend to have one post for every day of September, regardless of the fact that I now only have three days to write seven posts (four late + three left). Next month, I will set a more manageable goal such as 3-4 posts a week.

Plans for next week

If we were having drinks, I would tell you that I don’t have any specific plans for next week except for three Skype calls in German and French. I would tell you that I hope to see my friends, especially one that isn’t doing well, and worry that spending too much time alone – after a week of being surrounded – might bring me down. I would also be excited at the idea of getting a call and/or email from my partner.

If we were having drinks, I would announce that I will put my website online – with or without the 7 pages I still have to write – so that I can work on it from the co-working space I still haven’t tried. I would explain that I’m still unsure which services to offer beside the obvious ones – translation and proofreading – and whether to include “informal” interpreting despite my very limited (4 hours!) experience.

If we were having drinks, you would see my eyes light up as I told you about the articles I want to translate next week and the transcribing and translating work I might do in relation to the photo shoot. You could also hear in my voice worry about not reaching my goals and resolve to do better next month.

Featured image: Tequila Sunrise by Harlan Harris on Flickr, resized and cropped by me.


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