Monthly report #02 – September in review…

…with hopes and goals for October

In short: generally better than last month, but not there yet. It feels like six months have passed since I started this project, so it’s good to realise that it has only been two months to put things in perspective. In only achieved two of my goals, but I got to know myself a bit better, which gives me hope for next month. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this…



Time of tracker activation: between 11:15 pm and 7:00 am – 2:08 am on average
Time of tracker deactivation: between 7:07 am and 2:23 pm – 10:21 am on average
Time spent in bed: between 2h40 and 12h19 – 8h12 on average
Time spent sleeping: between 1h38 and 5h44 – 3h55 on average

September goals: go to bed at 11 pm, get up at 7:30 am on weekdays and 8:30 am on the weekend

The first goal was stupid because I don’t track the times I go to bed, only the times I activate my tracker… which I never activated before 11 pm. All three goals were stupid anyway because I never once got up at exactly 7:30 or 8:30 am, so should I only count days when I woke up before the target time? If so, I think there were only 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day.

Sure, I could rephrase these goals and try again, but I don’t think it helped in September and I don’t think it will help in October either. I have too many goals to focus on, so I need to make choices. This can’t be my priority, so I think I should give it another try once I have improved in other areas. It was still slightly better than last month.


Meals eaten: 29 breakfasts, 24 lunches, 30 dinners, 9 snacks.
Meals skipped: 1 breakfast, 6 lunches.

September goals: stop skipping meals and stop snacking

That’s awkward… But again a little better than last month! Of course I didn’t meet my goals but there’s clear improvement.


Total steps in September: 167,837
Average: 5,594.6 steps per day
Best day: September 19th with 14,663 steps
Days I reached my 5,000-step goal: 18
Days I almost reached it (4,000+): 0
Days I wasn’t even close (1,000-): 2
Days I exercised: 4
Total time exercising: 1h12
Total squats: 200
Total push-ups: 280
Total crunches: 640

September goals: take 150,000 steps (5,000 a day) and exercise for 12 hours (24mn a day)

I reached my step goal! I’m so happy! Of course, I’m nowhere near the recommended 10,000 daily steps, but now I can increase my goal by 1,000 steps a day and see what happens… Little by little, I will get there. I didn’t reach the other goal, but believe it or not, I once again did better than last month… Still pretty pathetic.


Weight change: none since last month / -1.9 kg total New weight loss goal: still -22.1 kg

Indeed I was a little naïve to think that I could lose as much as last month. My weight yo-yoed all month, which was quite frustrating, but I guess it’s better to end up with the same weight as a month ago than to find out I have regained the weight I had lost. Okay, I’m disappointed and frustrated, but this is completely my fault.

Mental and physical states

Mental state: 1 awesome, 17 happy, 4 OK, 3 sad
Positive factors: entertained (9), happy thoughts (5)
Negative factors: missing partner (4)
Physical state: 0 awesome, 1 good, 24 OK, 0 bad
Positive factors: none
Negative factors: late hour / bad sleep (7)

I know, I know – with 14 states affected by my sleep, how is this not a priority? I want to work on this, I really do, I just don’t think I’m ready yet. I need reasons to get up early – actually, to get up at all – a.k.a. paid assignments with deadlines. As long as I don’t have that, I don’t think I’ll make any efforts to go to bed earlier.


Social life

Total friends I interacted with in person: 24
Days I spent time with friends: 17
Total friends I interacted with on Skype: 4
Days I skyped with friends: 13

September goals: interact with friends on 16 days including 8 days in person

Well that was easy! I almost doubled the number of days I saw friends, which was made especially easy by the fact that two of them lived with me for 5 days or so. It is going to be difficult to beat that! And I managed to skype almost as much as last month despite having fewer language partners and quite a few calls being cancelled due to various circumstances. I won’t set any “social” goal for October, it doesn’t seem to make much sense.


Total time spent watching series/films: 57.3 hours
Average time spent watching series/films: 1.9 hours a day
Total time spent browsing the web/blogging: 95.1 hours
Average time spent browsing the web/blogging: 3.2 hours a day

September goal: watch TV for less than 60 hours (2h a day)

I was doing particularly fine until I reached a point in Revenge when I just had to see what was going to happen next – which caused me to spend two evenings (about 5 hours each time) in front of TV. Well, I only did so because I was clearly below the 60-hour threshold and knew I would achieve my goal regardless. I think I’m ready for a stricter goal.

Language learning

German: 23h31 spent
Speaking: 6h42 in 9 Skype calls
Listening: 3h31
Reading: 25,655 words
Writing: 700 words
Translating: –
Vocabulary: –
Spanish: 14h53 spent
Speaking: 4h46 in 6 Skype calls
Listening: 1h
Reading: 5,903 words
Writing: 973 words
Translating: –
Vocabulary: –
Japanese: ASL:

September goal: practice languages for 60 hours (2h a day)

That was clearly too ambitious – sure, if I didn’t have anything else to worry about, it would be easy, but with too many goals at the same time, I couldn’t keep up. So I’ll try again with a more achievable goal…


Actual work

Translation: 17,222 words in 14h03 / 18 sessions
Proofreading: 1,213 words in 1h20 / 2 sessions
Formatting: ?? pages in 1h39 / 5 sessions
Transcribing: 2,332 words in 1h45 / 6 sessions

September goal: translate 50,000 words (1,666 a day)

I removed Writing because it made no sense – sure, I wrote content for my website, but I almost always forget to count the words I had written, and I don’t consider this blog as work. But I started transcribing video and audio recordings a few days ago so I thought I would add it instead.

Now, obviously, I am very far from my goal, but I will try again next month. I just need to make sure I always have something to translate, and to take care of it first thing in the morning. I know for sure that it is achievable and isn’t a matter of time but motivation, so I don’t have any reason to lower my goal.

Marketing / Job hunt

Potential clients/employers e-mailed or called: 1
Potential clients/employers met in person: 0
Assignments/jobs considered: 7
Assignments/jobs applied for: 5
Professional website: 46.7% ready
Pages written: 7 / 15
Pages proofread once: 7 / 15
Pages proofread twice: 7 / 15

September goal: finish my professional website (12 pages to write and proofread twice)

As you can see, I added new pages to my website that I hadn’t thought of, but still made progress. My website is now online as I thought this would be the surest way to get me to work on it. I decided how to integrate my portfolio which should also motivate me to finalise my translation (and other) samples.

In terms of marketing and job hunting, it’s still pretty terrible… But better than last month? Also, I really need to add “Clients who actually hired me” – for September, there’s only one, but it’s a huge deal for me as I hadn’t had any work since July.

Goals for October


  • Exercising: take 186,000 steps (6,000 a day) and exercise for 6 hours (11-12mn a day)


  • Entertainment: watch TV for less than 46.5 hours (1h30 a day)
  • Language learning: practise languages for 46.5 hours (1h30 a day) and read Tschick (214 pages left)


  • Actual work: translate 50,000 words (1,666 a day)
  • Marketing: finish my professional website (15 pages to write and proofread twice)

In case you haven’t noticed, I find it increasingly difficult to post every day. Taking part in Blogging 101 and Writing 101 with some NaBloPoMo and SW30 on the side was simply too much for me, and I have done my best to keep up and backdate but at some point I just couldn’t catch up.

So I will aim for 3 posts a week, including weekly reports on Saturdays and articles on whatever strikes my fancy on Tuesdays and Thursdays – at least that’s my goal for now. I’ll still try to write the posts I wasn’t able to write in September, though – only five to go!


Let me know what you think!

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