Weekly Report #017 – Vacation, part 2

… and my worst report ever

As these reports cover weeks that begin on Saturdays and end on Fridays (so that I can post my reports on weekends instead of Mondays), last week’s report only covered the first few days of my vacation in Paris (which began and ended on Wednesdays). If you thought that report was a bad one, take a deep breath because this week’s report is absolutely terrible. But hey! I got to see my friends and family and had a great time, so who cares? (I do. Obviously.)

Now, on the bright side, a quick look at my goals for November:

  • Sleep: I should reach my ‘getting-up’ goal provided I don’t super-oversleep the next two days.
  • Exercising: I have reached my step goal for November and still have a shot at beating last month’s step count. I don’t think I can reach my fitness goal but should meet last month’s.
  • Entertainment: I haven’t even used two thirds of my allotted TV time so things are looking really good.
  • Language learning: I am confident that I will reach my study goal although I wish this time was equally divided between German and Spanish. I still have a shot at reaching my writing goal too.

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Weekly Report #016 – My first real vacation…

… Since I started this project

The week began rather well as I managed to catch up with my Spanish ‘time goal’, getting some speaking practice despite two cancellations, and working on follow-up e-mails with my new colleague. Once I left for Paris, though, I was out of control: I barely practised any German or Spanish, didn’t do any exercise – at least I walked! – and didn’t work on anything beside the said e-mails. I guess that’s what a real vacation is supposed to look like.

I had hoped to get more done before I left to make up for what I wouldn’t be able to do while I was away, but that didn’t work. And since I am writing this on the Thursday after the date of this post, I can add that I wasn’t able to catch up with my goals in the days that followed my return either. With only a few days to go before December, I am really starting to worry about my goals… Let’s see how I did this week. Continue reading

Weekly Report #015 and thoughts on Friday 13th

And you know I don’t mean the film

I feel like I should write about what happened last night in my country – to my country. Armed men attacked civilians in public places and bombs went off during a football match. Over 100 people were killed and over 200 injured. This was January all over again – only this time, the toll is higher, and the victims weren’t hand-picked.

The attacks were as shocking as the amount of support Paris received afterwards, both from within France and abroad. People were quick to offer shelter to those who might need it, donate blood, offer their condolences, and claim that they weren’t afraid, that nothing could strike fear into our France hearts. But France is shaken.

People were also quick to link the attacks with specific groups, nationalities, and religions. Some pointed out that France was attacked because it is a free country. Others blamed religious fanatics. A third category said this was payback for France’s involvement in foreign conflicts. People need someone to blame. All the government has to do is pick a target.

Right now, I’m not shocked. I’m not surprised. I don’t even think I’m afraid. I’m just worried. Worried that attacks like these ones will happen again. That they will be worse. But also worried that our government will use them as a pretext to cause more deaths or screw us in the name of defending us.

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Weekly Report #014 – Looking good

I mean, you know, statswise

This month, I am getting rid of two categories, “Social life” and “Entertainment”, as they don’t worry me anymore. This has been a really good week for me, both in terms of goals and otherwise, although the usual issues remain – when will I finally make work my priority? There are only ten days to go before I leave for Paris so I really want to make some progress on my website next week, even if it means falling behind in other areas.
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Monthly report #03 – October in review…

…with hopes and goals for November

This report was so much better than the previous two that I thought I would celebrate with a few charts! October wasn’t all good – in fact, it was almost a complete disaster when it comes to work – but saw some great improvement, especially on the health front. Also, my partner came back. I keep writing it, it’s annoying, but I still can’t believe it! Anyway, let’s take a look at October… And don’t worry, I intend to go back to more diverse blogging soon.
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