Monthly report #03 – October in review…

…with hopes and goals for November

This report was so much better than the previous two that I thought I would celebrate with a few charts! October wasn’t all good – in fact, it was almost a complete disaster when it comes to work – but saw some great improvement, especially on the health front. Also, my partner came back. I keep writing it, it’s annoying, but I still can’t believe it! Anyway, let’s take a look at October… And don’t worry, I intend to go back to more diverse blogging soon.



Time of tracker activation: between 10:40 pm and 4:10 am – 1:19 am on average
Time of tracker deactivation: between 6:10 am and 1:30 pm – 10:01 am on average
Time spent in bed: between 3h04 and 14h24 – 8h42 on average
Time spent sleeping: between 1h04 and 6h24 – 3h55 on average

Sleep - Tracker activation October 2015

Sleep - Tracker deactivation October 2015

Looking back at the first two monthly reports, I have made some satisfying progress: two months ago, my times of tracker activation and deactivation were respectively 2:12 am and 10:58 am, which means I now live (on average) one hour earlier. This is a weird way to think about it, but it does feel pretty good!


Total steps this month: 240,148
Average: 7,746 steps per day
Best day: October 31st with 11,329 steps
Days I reached my 7,500-step super goal: 23
Days I reached my 6,000-step backup goal: 4
Days I wasn’t even close (1,000-): 2
Days I exercised: 15
Total time exercising: 5h45
Skipping rope: 42mn
Crunches: 3,080
Arms misc.: 1,370
Squats: 1,150
Steps October 2015 (Fitbit)

Steps taken in October 2015 (Fitbit) – Don’t mind the distance and burnt calories, these aren’t accurate.

October goals: take 186,000 steps (6,000 a day) and exercise for 6 hours (11-12mn a day)

I pulverized my step goal and almost reached my exercising goal. More importantly, I got used to taking one-long walks and actually enjoyed them, and managed to go from 10-minute “no more, please!” exercising sessions to 40-minute “so what else you got?” sessions. I started noticing how these efforts affected my body and mind. I think I am actually proud.


Weight change: -2.9 kg this month / -4.8 kg total New weight loss goal: -19.2 kg

Weight loss goal October 2015

There was some yo-yoing again this month, but it was barely noticeable. Most of the time, when I stepped on my scales, it felt like getting a step closer to my goal, which is a great way to start a day!


Social life

Friends I interacted with in person: 12
Days I spent time with friends: 14
Friends I interacted with on Skype: 3
Days I skyped with friends: 10

Did I really socialize every two days on average? I find it a bit hard to believe, but numbers don’t lie – not here anyway. Spending more time alone wasn’t an issue, except for a few days when I really missed my partner. I think socializing three times a week works well for me – but wonder what it will be like now that he is back.


Total time spent watching series/films: 44.4 hours
Average time spent watching series/films: 1.43 hours a day

TV time October 2015

October goal: watch TV for less than 46.5 hours (1h30 a day)

It wasn’t that easy as I was hooked on Revenge but I managed to stick to this goal. Compared with my average of two months ago (3.37 hours a day), that’s huge, but TV was already under control last month. I just need to make sure things stay this way. I now have a bunch of episodes to re-watch with my partner so he can catch up!

Language learning

German: 31h10 spent
Speaking: 5h20 in 10 Skype calls
Listening: 4h56
Reading: 62,380 words
Writing: 2,728 words
Translating: 109 words
Vocabulary: –
Spanish: 27h13 spent
Speaking: 1h21 in 2 Skype calls
Listening: 5h08
Reading: 47,510 words
Writing: 2,209 words
Translating: –
Vocabulary: 120 words

Language learning October 2015

October goal: practise languages for 46.5 hours (1h30 a day) and read Tschick (214 pages left)

With a total of 58h23, I successfully reached (and exceeded) the threshold of 23.5 hours per language. I wish I had spoken (way) more Spanish; I was happy with two Spanish-speaking partners because I’d rather get to know a few people well than have more and struggle to remember details about them, but my current partners don’t have time to skype with me every week, so I should probably find one or two more. There is less and less speaking… But way more reading and listening! I also finished Tschick on time, yey! Next: Gott reist immer incognito.


Actual work

Translation: 17,015 words in 15h23 / 20 sessions


October goal: translate 50,000 words (1,666 a day)

I was hoping to write “still better than last month” but it is actually worse. I am really far from my goal, to the point where it wouldn’t make sense to try again – at least not yet. This is depressing.

Marketing / Job hunt

Potential clients/employers e-mailed or called: 1
Potential clients/employers met in person: 21
Assignments/jobs considered: 1
Assignments/jobs applied for: 1
Professional website: 50% ready
Pages written: 8 / 15
Pages ready: 7 / 15
Portfolio: 50% ready
Texts translated: 10 / 10
Texts ready: 0 / 10

October goal: finish my professional website (15 pages to write and proofread twice)

So… obviously… I failed. It still matters, I just… struggle. We’ll see.

Goals for November

Overall, I decided to stick with the same goals as last month, either because a) I failed to reach them and I need or want to give them another try, or b) they worked for me and I have made new habits that I now want to strengthen. I simply made those I had reached last month slightly more challenging as I want to “improve” but won’t have as much time and freedom as last month to work toward my goals.


  • Sleep: get up before 09:30 am on average
  • Exercising: take 210,000 steps (7,000 a day) and exercise for 7 hours (14mn a day)


  • Entertainment: watch TV for less than 45 hours (1h30 a day)
  • Language learning: practise languages for 45 hours (1h30 a day) and write 6,000 words (200 words a day)
  • German: read 210* pages of Gott reist immer incognito (7* pages a day)
  • Spanish: skype with three new language partners and speak once a week


  • Marketing: finish my professional website (15 pages) and proofread my portfolio (10 texts)

* These numbers may change depending on the book’s complexity and the date I receive it.


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