Weekly Report #015 and thoughts on Friday 13th

And you know I don’t mean the film

I feel like I should write about what happened last night in my country – to my country. Armed men attacked civilians in public places and bombs went off during a football match. Over 100 people were killed and over 200 injured. This was January all over again – only this time, the toll is higher, and the victims weren’t hand-picked.

The attacks were as shocking as the amount of support Paris received afterwards, both from within France and abroad. People were quick to offer shelter to those who might need it, donate blood, offer their condolences, and claim that they weren’t afraid, that nothing could strike fear into our France hearts. But France is shaken.

People were also quick to link the attacks with specific groups, nationalities, and religions. Some pointed out that France was attacked because it is a free country. Others blamed religious fanatics. A third category said this was payback for France’s involvement in foreign conflicts. People need someone to blame. All the government has to do is pick a target.

Right now, I’m not shocked. I’m not surprised. I don’t even think I’m afraid. I’m just worried. Worried that attacks like these ones will happen again. That they will be worse. But also worried that our government will use them as a pretext to cause more deaths or screw us in the name of defending us.

So if you don’t mind, I would rather go on with my life – and my weekly report.



Time of tracker activation: between 11:51 pm and 2:25 am – 1:02 am on average
Time of tracker deactivation: between 7:47 am and 10:30 am – 9:28 am on average
Time spent in bed: between 6h13 and 10h30 – 8h26 on average
Time spent sleeping: between 2h43 and 5h33 – 4h08 on average

Can I please blame it on my partner? After all, he only went to work two days this week and stayed up / got up later as a result, so naturally, I did the same. I am really glad he recovered but it was much easier when he was sick! Spending two evenings with friends didn’t help either as we got home shortly after midnight on Sunday morning and at nearly 3 am on Thursday morning.

At least I didn’t stay up watching series, but rather practising German or Spanish. One Skype call finished a few minutes before midnight. I have no idea what my schedule will be like in Paris, but I want to make the most of the four days I have left before my trip, so I need to get up earlier – ideally like I did the week before.


Total steps this week: 64,108
Average: 9,158 steps per day
Best day: Monday with 18,181 steps
Days I reached my 7,000-step goal: 6
Days I wasn’t even close (1,000-): 0
Days I exercised: 7
Total time exercising: 2h07
Skipping rope: 8mn
Crunches: 660
Arms misc.: 1,000
Squats: 440

Best week ever! In one week, I have taken more steps than the total of the first three weeks of August. I don’t expect to walk as much this week, but I should have a shot at beating this “high score” next week. I can’t wait. I think I’m obsessed, but as long as it’s good for my body, I guess it’s a sane obsession.

My partner and I bought two dumbbells of 3kgs each so I spent more time working on my arms and adjacent areas than anything else. In addition to regular training sessions, I can now lift weights while watching videos in Spanish or German, so I work on my arms every day without meaning to. This week, I would like to focus more on my abs, though, which I can’t do in front of my computer.


Weight change: +0.3 kg New weight loss goal: -19.1 kg

What am I doing?! I should be watching what I eat, but instead I use exercising as I excuse to make crappy food choices! We went to the Indian restaurant, ordered pizzas, ate junk food, and it was always my fault. I also consistently took my partner for drinks or ice cream / crêpes. Come on, self, get a grip!


Language learning

German: 10h53 spent
Speaking: 2h12 in 4 Skype calls
Listening: 2h38
Reading: 12,941 words
Writing: 910 words
Translating: –
Vocabulary: –
Spanish: 5h19 spent
Speaking: 28mn in 1 Skype call
Listening: 2h11
Reading: 4,234 words
Writing: 872 words
Translating: –
Vocabulary: –

Finding new Spanish speaking partners turns out to be much more difficult than I thought. My French Spanish-speaking friend had to cancel our call, which we rescheduled, but she cancelled again because of a sore throat and I haven’t heard from her since then. I had another call scheduled with a young Spanish woman from italki, but she had issues with Skype and couldn’t log in so we had to reschedule as well – we are supposed to speak tomorrow morning and I really hope we will. I got in touch with 7 more people on italki, let’s hope a few will answer me.

I can’t really figure out why I spend so much more time on German than Spanish. Is the difference only due to the time I spend skyping? After all, “Speaking” only includes the time spent skyping in German or Spanish, but “German” and “Spanish” also include the time spent skyping in French or English as part of a bilingual or multilingual call. So if I have a French-German exchange with 30 minutes in French and 45 in German, 45 minutes are included in “Speaking” for German but 75 minutes are included in “German”. I need this trade but it does distort my results.

In other news, I received “Gott reist immer incognito” last week and have only read the first two chapters (49 pages). I didn’t expect the author to give us his protagonist’s life story in the first chapter, nor did I particularly enjoy it. I don’t like this character, I don’t care about him, I don’t even feel sorry for him, and I wish this story wasn’t told from the first-person perspective. Hopefully the pace will increase soon.


Actual work

Proofreading: 10,156 words in 4h15 / 7 sessions

Formatting: ? pages in 0h59 / 2 sessions

Marketing / Job hunt

Potential clients/employers e-mailed or called: 0
Potential clients/employers met in person: 0
Assignments/jobs considered: 5
Assignments/jobs applied for: 1
Professional website: +6.6% => 56.6% ready
Pages written: +1 => 9 / 15
Pages ready: +1 => 8 / 15
Portfolio: +5% => 55% ready
Texts translated: 10 / 10
Texts ready: +1 => 1 / 10

As much as I dreaded the proofreading stage as I thought it would take me forever, I am really glad that I finally got started. The document I proofread thrice and added to my online portfolio is one of the most interesting texts I have worked on. I still think it was worth translating and I am really happy with my translation. Sure, it can always be improved, and I may proofread it again in a few months or years, but I think it is already very good or I wouldn’t put it on my website.

In other news, I took a short online course on subtitling prepared by a company I am hoping to work with. This was a prerequisite as they require all subtitlers to use their proprietary software, but I found the course really interesting. From what they told me, I passed their tests with flying colours, so I expect to hear from them in the not-so-distant future. I look forward to it as I have always wanted to try my hand at subtitling but I am a little worried about the pay and deadlines.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Report #015 and thoughts on Friday 13th

  1. It breaks my heart to hear and see and watch the events unfold this morning. How anyone can be so angry and cruel and hurt that they would hurt anyone else, I would never understand. I’m sorry about what happened to Paris. I was there many years ago, a beautiful place. I’m sending you hugs and I hope you stay safe. <3


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