Weekly Report #017 – Vacation, part 2

… and my worst report ever

As these reports cover weeks that begin on Saturdays and end on Fridays (so that I can post my reports on weekends instead of Mondays), last week’s report only covered the first few days of my vacation in Paris (which began and ended on Wednesdays). If you thought that report was a bad one, take a deep breath because this week’s report is absolutely terrible. But hey! I got to see my friends and family and had a great time, so who cares? (I do. Obviously.)

Now, on the bright side, a quick look at my goals for November:

  • Sleep: I should reach my ‘getting-up’ goal provided I don’t super-oversleep the next two days.
  • Exercising: I have reached my step goal for November and still have a shot at beating last month’s step count. I don’t think I can reach my fitness goal but should meet last month’s.
  • Entertainment: I haven’t even used two thirds of my allotted TV time so things are looking really good.
  • Language learning: I am confident that I will reach my study goal although I wish this time was equally divided between German and Spanish. I still have a shot at reaching my writing goal too.



Time of tracker activation: between 10:33 pm and 2:17 am – 0:24 am on average
Time of tracker deactivation: between 5:20 am and 10:45 am – 8:39 am on average
Time spent in bed: between 5h21 and 12h12 – 8h14 on average
Time spent sleeping: between 1h59 and 6h13 – 4h10 on average


Total steps this week: 56,670
Average: 8,096 steps per day
Best day: Wednesday with 10,402 steps
Days I reached my 7,000-step goal: 5
Days I wasn’t even close (1,000-): –
Days I exercised: –
Total time exercising: –
Skipping rope: –
Crunches: –
Arms misc.: –
Squats: –

Well, I have no excuse. I didn’t bring the dumbbells on holiday – who does that anyway? – but could have done crunches and push-ups every morning if I wanted to. I got lazy. So now I have to exercise for 47mn a day to reach my November goal. This is going to be painful but I have to at least try.

As for my step count, I’m happy with it but I could have done better if it hadn’t been raining every day. The weather in Paris was so cold, it is a miracle that I spent so much time outside! In the South, it is much nicer and motivating but the wind can be pretty cold too. I need to take about 9,000 steps a day to beat last month’s step count so I hope it won’t rain.


Weight change: +0.7 kg New weight loss goal: -19.1 kg

I just… Meh.


Language learning

German: 1h15 spent
Speaking: 43mn in 1 Skype call
Listening: –
Reading: 226 words
Writing: –
Translating: –
Vocabulary: –
Spanish: 17mn spent
Speaking: –
Listening: –
Reading: –
Writing: –
Translating: 799 words
Vocabulary: –

Not that I really expected to use either language in real-life situations but this is a bit disappointing. I could blame it on a monolingual week but I used English almost daily as I kept in touch with my American colleague. At least I had a Skype call in German yesterday!


Marketing / Job hunt

Potential clients/employers e-mailed or called:
Potential clients/employers met in person:
Assignments/jobs considered:
Assignments/jobs applied for:
Professional website: 56.6% ready
Pages written: 9 / 15
Pages ready: 8 / 15
Portfolio: 55% ready
Texts translated: 10 / 10
Texts ready: 1 / 10

All I did was continue working on the follow-up emails with my colleague, which I intend to send on Monday. I can’t believe how much time this took us, but it should get easier/faster.


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