Weekly Report #020 – Away on holiday I go

But first, one last report

As I announced in my previous post, this is likely to be the last weekly report, or at least the last report to take this shape. Over the holidays, I intend to rethink not only my goals and the best ways for me to reach them, but also my tracking spreadsheets and reporting method. I would like to come up with a ‘reporting spreadsheet’ that gives me an overview of a day, week or month by inputting just two parameters – start and end dates. In the meantime… Continue reading


Weekly Report #019 – Antepenultimate report

“third-to-last” doesn’t have that mysterious vibe

This week: a new tracker, more steps, less languages, more work. I am considering putting an end to weekly reports – with only monthly reports – to get back to a more “normal” posting format. The last 11 articles on this blog were reports; I haven’t posted anything else in two months. I would like to go back to prompts and challenges, to sharing meaningless and meaningful things that happen to me. I want to finally launch that “Travel Tuesdays” series. And I need to find a way to do it that won’t take too much time and won’t get in the way of my goals. Also, I need to start thinking about my goals for next year. But for now… Continue reading

Weekly Report #018 – Back to work

Can’t be worse than last week anyway

This week, as usual, I met some of my goals, failed at others, noticed some improvement that can be quantified and some that can’t. I failed miserably at my work-related goals – as I always do – but made some efforts and progress that I am happy about. As I suspected, my American colleague and our weekly phone calls have a positive influence on my motivation and ability to get things done. Now, if only she could ask me to work on my website! Continue reading

Monthly Report #04 – November in review…

…with hopes and goals for December

Last month’s report was the first one to have charts showing my progress throughout October. I thought they turned out great and would love to do some for November as well, but they took me forever and I don’t have as much time to dedicate to today’s post. Maybe I’ll add them later, though. Anyway, on to report #04… Continue reading