Monthly Report #05 – December in review…

…how well did I do?

Before we start, allow me to wish you an amazing new year! I will take some time to review my year 2015 and set goals for 2016 in a later post, but for now, let’s see how well – or not – I did last month. As I already explained, I knew it would be difficult for me to work on my goals during the holidays, and since I was to leave for Paris on December 21st, I set goals for the first three weeks of December. Let’s see which one(s) I met…



December goal: get up before 09:00 am on average
Reality: got up at 09:14 am on average
Status: failed but close

I kept going to bed after midnight (at 00:45 am on average) so of course I got up late on many occasions. Based on the data gathered between August and December, I spend about 8h30 in bed on average, less than half of which is actually spent sleeping according to Fitbit, so I need to take this into account next year. To get up consistently at 7 am (one of my goals for 2016), I need to go to bed consistently at 10:30 pm, at least until I get used to it.


December goals: take 157,500 steps (7,500 a day) and exercise for 5h15 hours (15mn a day)
Reality: took 150,345 steps (7,159 a day) and exercised for 3h23 (9mn a day)
Status: failed but close

Well, not that close when it comes to exercising, since I only did on 9 days out of 21, but I only missed my step goal by 7,155 steps i.e. one day. Now, if only I could start running, it would solve both issues – I’d reach my daily step goals faster and it would totally count as exercising! I wonder how my tracker would work with rollerblading, though.


When it comes to weight, I didn’t have a specific goal but I was hoping to lose some weight before I left for Paris as I knew I would regain weight over the holidays. I only lost 0.6kg in the first three weeks and regained about 1.2kg by the end of the month, which means I gained about 0.6kg this month. Not cool, but I can live with that.



December goal: watch TV for less than 21 hours (1h a day)
Reality: watched TV for 17.2 hours (33mn a day)
Status: success

I knew it wouldn’t be an issue, but it’s still nice to see at least one thing of which I am in control.

Language learning

December goals: practise languages for 33 hours (1h a day Monday through Friday + 3h every Saturday and Sunday) and write 4,200 words (200 words a day)
Reality: practised languages for 37h15 (1h36 a day Monday through Friday + 2h12 a day every Saturday and Sunday) and wrote 4,265 words (203 words a day)
Status: success, mostly

As usual, I would have liked to divide this time more or less equally between German and Spanish, which wasn’t the case at all (24h13 vs 13h02). However, I wrote slightly more in Spanish than German (2,244 vs 2,021 words), which I find satisfying. Incidentally, I didn’t expect to have to force myself to study more at the weekend, just like I didn’t expect to beat my Monday-through-Friday goal by half. On average, I did better during those first three weeks than I did in November, but I only studied for about 1h30 over the holidays.

Plus, for Spanish: skype with three new language partners and speak once a week
Reality: skyped with one new language partner and spoke on two weeks out of three
Status: failed – because of the curse!

I really hope this ‘curse’ gets lifted in 2016. Otherwise I’ll just have to find more German natives with a very good command of Spanish.


Actual work

December goals: proofread 30,000 words (2,000 a day Monday through Friday) and translate 12,000 words (2,000 every Saturday and Sunday)
Reality: proofread 6,639 words (256 a day Monday through Friday) and translated 3,837 words (640 every Saturday and Sunday)
Status: failed by far

We could start with the fact that I didn’t stick to my schedule as I didn’t care whether it was a Monday or a Saturday when deciding to translate or proofread something. But as usual, I didn’t get very far with either goal. What I need is a client, someone who needs me to work on something, otherwise I don’t see the point – or rather, I see the point, but there is no sense of urgency.

Marketing / Job hunt

December goals: contact 30 potential clients (2 a day Monday through Friday) and apply for 6 jobs (2 every Saturday and Sunday)
Reality: contacted 10 potential clients on 15 occasions (1 a day Monday through Friday) and didn’t apply for any job
Status: failed but encouraging

Of course I didn’t meet my goals, but there’s a bright side: writing follow-up emails came more naturally to me, I finally began to overcome my fear of cold calls, and of course I met with a potential client with whom I should start working this week.

Plus, for my website: finish my professional website (15 pages, 6 to go) and proofread my portfolio (10 texts, 9 to go)
Reality: didn’t work on my professional website and began proofreading 1 text
Status: failed by far

When I write “began proofreading”, what I actually mean is that I compared my translation with the original to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. This text still needs to be proofread and isn’t ready yet – but I guess it’s better than nothing. I made sure to stay away from my website, though.

More posts to follow as I reflect on 2015 and set goals for 2016. Thank you for reading!


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