Weekly Report #014 – Looking good

I mean, you know, statswise

This month, I am getting rid of two categories, “Social life” and “Entertainment”, as they don’t worry me anymore. This has been a really good week for me, both in terms of goals and otherwise, although the usual issues remain – when will I finally make work my priority? There are only ten days to go before I leave for Paris so I really want to make some progress on my website next week, even if it means falling behind in other areas.
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Monthly report #03 – October in review…

…with hopes and goals for November

This report was so much better than the previous two that I thought I would celebrate with a few charts! October wasn’t all good – in fact, it was almost a complete disaster when it comes to work – but saw some great improvement, especially on the health front. Also, my partner came back. I keep writing it, it’s annoying, but I still can’t believe it! Anyway, let’s take a look at October… And don’t worry, I intend to go back to more diverse blogging soon.
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Weekly Report #013 – Back from the dead

and exhilarated

I can’t emphasize enough how pleased I am with this week’s results. Of course, after what happened last week (I was sick and had no motivation), this week had to be better, but it isn’t just that: this is, work aside, my best week so far. Taking an “official” break from work seems to have been a good idea, relieving the pressure I put on myself and giving me more mental space and energy to focus on other, personal-but-no-less-important goals. I am so pleased to be able to end October on such a positive note!

On a completely unrelated note, and in an unexpected and unforeseeable turn of events, my boyfriend is coming home today. Not in December, nor in November, TODAY! And he won’t be leaving again for several months! I couldn’t be happier! This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though: of course after such a good week he has to come back and take an active part in messing up my stats! (just kidding… I hope) Continue reading

Weekly Report #012 – Losing control

Still not sure what happened this week

Once again, my partner “ruined” everything by getting in touch and reminding me of how much I miss him. I couldn’t really think of anything else and had little to no motivation. And on top of that, I got sick. So I made the most of human interactions, whether in person or over Skype, in French or foreign languages, to take my mind of it. What little productivity this report holds is miraculous.
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Weekly Report #011 – Keeping up the good walk

Among other things

Yet another weekly report after six days without post… Sorry about that. Unfortunately, I have choices to make every day regarding the way I spend my time and if there is a choice to be made between blogging and going out or blogging and studying Spanish, I have to choose the latter. Anyway, I can’t really say whether this week is or isn’t better than the last, but I’m fine with that as both weeks’ reports were pretty satisfying.
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Weekly Report #010 – Things are looking up

And I hope it’ll last

The activity report form is a blessing but these reports still take me much longer than they should, so I’m open to suggestions to speed up the process. This week was better than the last on all accounts, expect maybe for my social life as I got to spend time with friends again but can’t say I enjoyed all of our time together. I’m really happy with my progress, though, and hope it will continue! Continue reading

11 language learning questions

a.k.a. Language tag!

This post is based on the Language tag which is normally answered in a video shared on Youtube. I wasn’t tagged but found the questions interesting and felt more comfortable answering them in writing.

1. What do you consider to be your native language?

French. I was raised by monolingual parents in a monolingual country so this one was easy.

2. What was your first language learning experience?

For a long time, I thought it was learning my first Spice Girls’ song around the age of 8, but I’m not so sure anymore. My mother has a cousin who lives in Spain and we visited her a few times when I was a kid. She used to own a bar in Barcelona, and I remember spending a few hours there, desperate to help around the bar despite my young age.
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Weekly report #009 – Some peace and quiet

Fresh start in October

I can’t believe I had to wait until my 11th activity report to think about making a form. It isn’t exactly pretty as writing the HTML and Javascript files took me long enough and I didn’t feel like making a style sheet on top of that, but it’s going to be so convenient! I could totally add more details now that I know I will just have to fill cells. Anyway, let’s get started…
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