A letter to my 14-year-old self

And a vestige of my previous blog

This post is based on a Daily Post prompt: write a letter to your 14-year-old self.

Annie at What the Woman Wrote took up this challenge and her first letter Dear Annie, Part 1 reminded me that I had also written the first letter on my previous blog. I found the letter I wrote in 2012 and it touched me more than I expected so I decided to repost it here, unedited – despite my inner proofreader’s outrage. I added a 2015 update at the end as I felt I had forgotten a few things.
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How to learn a language for free

Advice from a language learner to get you started

This post is based on a Writing101 prompt: select one comment you’ve left on another blog and expand on it in a post.

A few days ago, I discovered Lauren’s blog girlfindsnewplacesandfaces where she relates her adventures as a British au pair in France. In her latest post, she mentioned that she wanted to take classes and, after some inquiry in the comments, dropped the magic word: language! Since the language courses she had found were too expensive, I suggested a free alternative – using online resources – on which I would like to expand below.
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5 mistakes I made that you should avoid

a.k.a. Please don’t follow my lead

This post is based on a NaBloPoMo prompt: What are some of your best worst tips for getting your day off to a good start?

I can’t tell you what to do

Judging by my post on the delicate art of advising and being advised, I figured that I wasn’t qualified to share tips on something that I fail at on a regular basis. Of course, I have read a lot of tips on the subject, but despite my best efforts good intentions, I most often than not act against my best interests and miss my morning goals.
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The delicate art of advising and being advised

a.k.a. don’t blindly accept the advice you are given

This post is based on a NaBloPoMo prompt: Do you prefer to take advice from strangers or from people close to you?

Before answering this prompt, I decided to focus on a few questions to consider. I tried to think in general terms and distance myself from my current issues, which explains the use of “you” instead of “I” in many sentences. Don’t go thinking that I am trying to make a guide on advice taking!
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