It’s that time of the year again

Remember me? That would be surprising.

I started this blog just over a year ago as I set off on a journey of self-tracking, goal-setting and self-discovery. The latter is a bit of a stretch since my journey only lasted five months, but I did learn a few things along the way.

From August to December, I kept track of how many steps I took and how much time I slept, exercised, worked, etc. At the end of every week and month, I would gather the data I had collected and try to make sense of it, setting new goals that I would consistently fail to meet.

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Look and you shall find

a.k.a. 6 quotes about looking

This post is based on a Writing101 prompt: choose an inspirational tweet, embed it, and write a response to it. I found a Twitter account that only shares quotes and decided on the keyword “look”. As no one quote inspired me enough to write a meaty post, I picked my top 6 quotes and shared my take on it.
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Why I write and what I write about

a.k.a. Why I chose this tagline

This post is based on a Writing101 prompt: “why do you write?”

I write to clear my mind

I tend to think too much and let my thoughts affect my mood with unfortunate results. Everything seems to be fine one minute and I start crying or get angry the next. Any person witnessing this would think that I was crazy and needed to get back on my meds, but there is always a sensible reason behind these outbursts – usually fear, bad memories, or resentment that wouldn’t exist had I not overthought a situation.
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I used to be a prescriptivist…

…but then I saw the light

This post is based on a NaBloPoMo prompt: What was something you once believe was true but now you know is false? How did you feel when you learned the facts?

The early years

From an early age, I learnt to read and write by typing with my tiny hands on the hard keys of a Minitel terminal. In case you don’t know, the Minitel is basically the ancestor of the Internet – and yes, I’m that old. The terminal was my first computer, even though all I could do was type and sort of draw things that I couldn’t even save, and I was sad to see it go.
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Introducing Keeping Track, a self-monitoring project

Welcome to my blog!

A few weeks ago, I challenged myself to do something I had been considering for a while: to start a self-monitoring project. Some people keep track of their weight, sleep, training sessions, calorie intake, etc. – I wanted to go beyond that. Every aspect of my life that I felt the need to work on would be monitored in order to motivate me and help me improve.
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