A letter to my 14-year-old self

And a vestige of my previous blog

This post is based on a Daily Post prompt: write a letter to your 14-year-old self.

Annie at What the Woman Wrote took up this challenge and her first letter Dear Annie, Part 1 reminded me that I had also written the first letter on my previous blog. I found the letter I wrote in 2012 and it touched me more than I expected so I decided to repost it here, unedited – despite my inner proofreader’s outrage. I added a 2015 update at the end as I felt I had forgotten a few things.
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I have a PhD in Horribleness

No I don’t

This post is based on a NaBloPoMo prompt: If you could go back to school (for free) for a new degree, what would you want to study?

I tend to think that I have spent enough time in school and there is no way I am ever setting foot in a classroom again. But there are so many things I want to learn that I can’t discard this possibility entirely. The next time I decide to focus on a subject other than languages, though, it will probably be via distance learning e.g. MOOCs.
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Gratitude for the past and hope for the future

No longer anyone to drive me around

This post is based on a NaBloPoMo prompt: How did/do you get to school: bus, walk, drive, or bike?

In school

As a child, my house was only a 5 or 10-minute walk from school. At first, I would get there by foot with my mum or dad, or they would drive me there if they were in a rush or the weather was too bad, but as I got older, I was able to bike to and from school. I would have rollerbladed to school if my parents had let me, but it wasn’t very practical!
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NaBloPoMo Roundup #04 – And possibly the last one

a.k.a. Not much of a roundup now, is it?

With September around the corner, a lot of us are busy with professional and personal matters – especially for those who have kids – which probably explains why so few bloggers answered the NaBloPoMo prompts this week. If I missed any answers, please let me know in the comments so I can add them later – thank you!
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How I found my calling

a.k.a. Reaffirming my number one passion

This post is based on a NaBloPoMo prompt: What was your best subject back in school? Did you choose a profession that uses that subject?

My best subject

My passion for English began around the age of 9 when I started listening to pop songs by British and American artists and learning them by heart. At the time, I either had just began learning English at school or hadn’t even taken a class, but it didn’t keep me from enjoying myself. My friends and I would re-enact music videos in the playground to the sound of our own voices. I am sure it was gibberish to trained ears, but I can still remember the lyrics to those songs.
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Drawing with ones and zeros

a.k.a. Binary for dummies

This post is based on a NaBloPoMo prompt: Tell us one thing you remember learning in school as a kid.

Grid drawings

One thing I remember fondly is learning to do grid drawings. Our teacher would give us an empty grid with the same number of rows and columns (either a multiple of 10 or a power of 2, e.g. 10×10 or 16×16) and one sequence of ones and zeros per row.
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